PARASIM – the world’s first virtual reality parachute simulator, developed by STI.

PARASIM is the flagship product of Systems Technology Inc (STI), an aerospace engineering company that has been advancing the state-of-the art of flying since 1957. We develop engineering solutions for complex moving machines and the humans that control them, from aircraft to automobiles. This skill set is what makes PARASIM the gold standard for parachute simulation.

We understand reality, so we can simulate it better

The STI skill set, rare in today’s world, is our grounding in reality. We drill down to the fundamental physics and math, beneath the complex model, to make machines and humans work better together. Years of research and engineering consulting successes have laid the foundation for our own simulation products such as PARASIM.

A unique solution to a paradoxical problem

PARASIM was developed in response to the parachuting community’s need for a safe, effective training solution. Live training jumps into rough and unfamiliar territory are prone to high accident rates, but you can’t cut back on training without jeopardizing critical missions! STI created PARASIM to enable safe training on the ground that translates into safer jumps, more effect performance and ultimate mission success.

PARASIM: the difference is in the physics

Every element of PARASIM is physics-based. Our virtual canopies perform just as they would in real life, responding to jumper input and external conditions, because we integrate each canopy’s specs and aerodynamic performance properties into our simulations. By listening to our clients’ needs and applying our core expertise in aerodynamics, human factors, and real-time simulation, we have kept PARASIM the world-leader for virtual reality parachute training.

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