Flexible Solutions for your training needs.

PARASIM is available in a variety of configurations to meet your parachute training requirements.

Premeditated Airborne Operations

Static Line Training – Model P-2000
PARASIM supports the most widely-used military static-line canopies for airborne static line jump training, including the MC-6, MC-5, T-11, and others, with instrumented Reserve ripcords to support canopy malfunctions training. With PARASIM’s Motorized Vertical Start Frame (MVSF), the instructor can control all aspects of the jump. The jumper clips into the risers while standing on the ground and is lifted into a vertical suspension position for the start of training. On final approach, the system lowers the jumper, synchronizing physical touch-down with landing in the virtual world.

Free Fall, HAHO/HALO – Model P-3000, with optional Free Fall Maneuvering Module
With exit altitudes up to 30,000ft, an ever-expanding canopy library – over 20 free fall canopies currently supported, including the new RA-1 – and our new Free Fall Maneuvering feature, PARASIM covers all aspects of a free fall jump, from exit to landing. The PARASIM Motorized Horizontal Start Frame (MHSF) allows jumpers to clip into the risers while standing on the ground, then lifts them into a horizontal starting position for free fall training at the instructor’s command. A main ripcord pull deploys the canopy, and the jumper will move back into a vertical orientation for canopy descent and landing. The MHSF also supports high speed canopy malfunctions – keeping the jumper suspended horizontally until the malfunction is corrected or the reserve is deployed. As the jumper makes the final approach to target in PARASIM, the system lowers the risers, synchronizing landing in the real and virtual worlds.

Emergency Egress

Ejection and Bailout – Model E-2000
PARASIM supports ejection and bailout training with a wide variety of military emergency egress canopies, including the QC 6000 for the JSF and the new Butler Low Profile Parachute. For bailout training, PARASIM includes instrumented controls for manual override canopy release, Automatic Activation Device (AAD), and Oxygen. With PARASIM’s Motorized Vertical Start Frame (MVSF), the instructor can control all aspects of the jump, with the system raising and lowering the jumper automatically, to improve training throughput and safety.


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PARASIM offers configurations to meet all your parachute training needs