Services: customization and technical support.

PARASIM is a System Technology, Incorporated (STI) product, which gives you access to our unique engineering capabilities and technology.

Custom canopies

If you don’t see the canopy you use in PARASIM®’s large set of military operational, aircrew emergency, and sports parachutes, we can add it! STI’s engineers will integrate the performance dynamics of your chute with custom 3D graphics model sets to create a new virtual PARASIM® chute, complete with opening sequence and malfunctions features (where appropriate). Contact us for pricing and more information.

Custom scenes

Let us replicate your actual Drop Zones (DZs) for training or mission-rehearsal. Using digital terrain data, aerial and ground photography, maps and diagrams, we will build a custom PARASIM scene for you. Or, build your own using our scene generation system.

Custom Harness

We can provide an instrumented version of your harness for use in PARASIM, with ripcords and handles in their correct locations, or we can provide an instrumentation kit to install in a customer-provided harness.


If you have an older PARASIM® system, software and hardware upgrades are available! Give us the Version or Build number of your system and we’ll be happy to see what upgrades are available for you.

Technical Support and Training

PARASIM® products include a one-year warranty, with technical support available via phone, email and online. Extended software support is available, as well as on-site service calls and instructor training. Contact us for details.

Technical Consulting Services

Systems Technology, Inc. is a research and development firm specializing in systems analysis, including vehicle dynamics and control, and related human/machine interaction and human factors. We have worked with government and commercial clients to design custom products and analysis tools based on PARASIM and our other simulation technologies. Contact us for more information or visit us at

Examples from PARASIM’s library of scenes and canopies. Click on the main image to enlarge.