Plan and practice group operations with PARASIM network control.

Any number of PARASIM® systems can be interconnected with our Network Controller, for planning, training and rehearsal of group operations.

Train as a team

Our system networks your team of jumpers in real-time. They can see one another in the shared simulation, practice grouping, maintain situational awareness, observe right-of-way, avoid collisions and land safely together at the target. Train to implement contingency plans in the case of miss-spotting, canopy malfunctions or other emergencies.

Group jumps can be saved in a range of perspectives for review as a team, with the goal of improving performance.

Instructor effectiveness

The instructor has complete control and flexibility to set up, execute and review a network jump for multiple students simultaneously. From one central control station, instructors monitor flight speeds, directions, parachute states and 3D views.

Flexible Networking Configurations

PARASIM networks are readily expandable – additional PARASIM systems can be added to the network at any time to accommodate larger training groups. Individual systems in the network can also be used in stand-alone mode for single training as needed.

PARASIM networks enable group training