Get more out of training jumps. Increase mission safety and success.

Rehearse your mission on the ground with our virtual reality parachute training system, and you’ll get more out of live training jumps, whether static line or free fall. Our realistic, immersive simulations prepare you for high-risk situations without risk, on the ground.

Realistic Dynamics and Controls

Practice handling equipment malfunctions and avoiding collisions in the face of weather changes and external threats. Maintain situational awareness. Recognize hypoxia. Execute military free fall maneuvers. Virtual reality and physics-based movement-sensing respond to the jumper, creating an immersive, realistic jump experience.

Fine-tune your team and your mission

Our Network feature lets teams jump together and rehearse missions in real time as a group. Get your group to gel as a team, from exit to a safe and accurate landing at designated targets. Instructors can observe everyone during simulated jumps. Afterwards, watch and critique as a group – our system enables you to go back over everyone’s perceptions and actions for after-action review.

Train using real-world terrain and wind conditions you are going to encounter – whether in a static line, free fall, or HAHO/HALO jump. Familiarize jumpers with the planned mission route and target location, practice navigation and grouping, and rehearse contingency plans.

Proven military parachute training solution

A recent before-and-after study of 600 military jumpers demonstrated improved performance and confidence across all levels of experience (novice to jumpmaster) after training with PARASIM. Challenges included handling of malfunctions and avoidance of hazards while landing in compliance with the mission.

PARASIM Premeditated supports HAHO/HALO jumps