The premier aircrew emergency training system, worldwide.

PARASIM is recognized as the gold standard for safe, effective training of aircrew for emergency bailout and ejection. With over 300 systems sold worldwide, PARASIM is used throughout the U.S. Air Force and Navy by Life Support, SERE, and Aviation Physiology instructors for aircrew emergency egress training. It has also been used by military forces around the world for over 10 years, with a continually growing global presence.

Making correct responses second nature

Emergency ejection or bailout from a badly-damaged aircraft is a life-or-death situation. PARASIM’s virtual reality parachute simulator gives aircrews the skills and confidence to follow parachute emergency procedures under dangerous situations, by recreating them in the safety of a classroom. As we like to say, our system gets the “dumb stuff” out of the way. Practicing the required skills and emergency procedures in a virtual environment develops muscle memory, and makes correct responses second nature.

PARASIM recreates the experience of a jump with canopy steering controls, automatic activation (AAD) and oxygen switches, real world scenes, lighting effects, various wind and weather conditions, and a full library of terrain types. Our virtual canopies animate in response to jumper steering inputs and offer a full range of canopy malfunctions.

Train for equipment transition

PARASIM currently supports over 40 military canopies, and we continually update our library to include the latest parachute systems. We work with canopy manufacturers to ensure that our virtual canopies react to jumper inputs according to their aerodynamic properties. As new emergency canopy systems are deployed, pilots and aircrew can train for equipment transition with PARASIM, so they will be familiar with new harness configurations and canopy performance characteristics long before they ever need them.

PARASIM Emergency for pilot ejection & aircrew bailout readiness training