Free Fall Maneuvering: fly in virtual space.

Our new PARASIM Free Fall Maneuvering feature is a safe, repeatable way for jumpers to practice tetherless control of position during the free fall stage of a jump. It’s a fully immersive experience, physically and mentally.

Hold steady state, track and turn

CFD-based aerodynamics and body-sensing technology replicate the experience of free fall, responding to body motion and providing a continuous real-time visual and sensory feedback loop. Track. Turn. Control speed. Hold steady state. Maneuver in virtual space before opening your canopy, to avoid collisions with other jumpers and prevent entanglements.

Complete HAHO/HALO Training

In combination with the PARASIM Motorized Horizontal Start Frame and exit altitudes up to 30,000ft, the virtual Free Fall Maneuvering feature bridges the gap between the vertical wind tunnel and PARASIM’s classic under-canopy training, providing complete training from exit to landing.

Modularized Design

The PARASIM free fall maneuvering module is available as an add-on to any PARASIM system with the Motorized Horizontal Start Frame. Contact us for more information about available configurations.

Track and Turn with PARASIM Free Fall Maneuvering Feature